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We’ve Moved! Our New Denver Counseling Office

By Ipseity Counseling Clinic, Therapists in Denver, Colorado



Our New Denver Counseling Offices

After many months of work and planning we’re excited to share that our Denver counseling practice has officially moved into our new location.

Our goal is to expand our services and our ability to grow as a group practice of talented therapists in Denver.

Last week we shared that Allison Gary has joined our team at Ipseity Counseling in Denver. Check out last weeks post to learn more about Allison.

Take A Tour Of Our Denver Counseling Office


A Comfortable Waiting Area

Relax in a comfortable setting as you wait for your counselor.

Enjoy A Drink

Enjoy a complimentary drink while you visit our office.

Fresh Ground Coffee

We want to change the stereotype of cheap waiting room coffee. Enjoy fresh ground coffee from our new espresso machine!

A Welcoming Counseling Office

We believe that our environment impacts our wellbeing. All of our offices are designed to be comfortable and enjoyable everytime you visit.

A Space To Feel Good

Therapy is a space for you to feel comfortable so you can get the most out of your time in our office. Our goal is to create a space that makes you feel welcome and safe.

Group Therapy Room

We have a room dedicated to our group therapy services including anger management groups, and grief counseling groups.

Space Available For A New Counselor

We have some room to grow! If you’re a wellness provider in Denver that’s looking for a great space we are looking for talented people to join us! Contact us if you’re interested.

Our Denver Counseling Services

Our goal is to continue to providing some of the best counseling in Denver while we continue to grow into some new areas. Our current areas of focus include:

We would love to connect with you, show you our new space, or learn how we might be able to help support your growth.

We will be hosting an Open House to celebrate the opening of our new counseling office in Denver and will keep you informed on the date.

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