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Take Control of Your Anger To Manage Conflict and Improve Your Relationships

Our anger management counseling in Denver, Colorado can help you take control of your anger and your emotions.

Out of control anger can feel like a destructive emotion.


You know what it feels like when your anger is out of control. You say things you don’t really mean and you hurt the people you care about the most.

The guilt that follows an outburst of anger only makes you feel worse. You probably want to end this destructive cycle of anger.

Our anger management counseling in Denver can help you take control of your emotions and end the painful cycle of anger.


Our goal is to provide you with the best anger management Denver has to offer.

Take control of your emotions so that anger doesn't feel like a destructive emotion in your life

Our 12 week anger management program is designed to help you with the real problems anger has created in your life. We’ve helped teachers, lawyers, stay at home moms and dads who want to improve their anger.

Learn how to manage conflict and keep your anger in check

We specialize in anger management counseling and understand the unique challenges of anger. You can feel confident knowing that we can help you with your anger.

Improve your relationships by being in control of your anger and your emotions

Our anger management counseling is designed to help you with the real problems anger has created in your life. We’ve helped teachers, lawyers, stay at home moms and dads who want to improve their anger.

Denver Anger Management Therapy

Counseling Options

Individual Anger Management Counseling

Individual anger counseling gives you the time and personal attention to address your specific challenges with anger.

Anger Management Classes in Denver

Anger management group gives you support from your peers in a safe environment. Classes are led by an experienced therapist.

Child and Adolescent Anger Management

Anger management for your child will help them learn to regulate their emotios

We provide the best anger management Denver has to offer with therapists that specialize in anger problems.

We can help you learn the skills you need to regulate your anger, and improve your relationships.

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Anger Management Counseling in Denver That Really Works!

A 12 week self improvement anger management program

We’ve helped everyone from stay at home moms to business executives, teachers, lawyers, college students, men and women.

We Understand How Anger Works

We use the ASCEND method of anger management designed by Dr. Michael Ballard. Through years of experience we’ve found that anger can be transformed when you understand how it works, and learn the skills to manage it effectively.

12 Week Anger Management Program

>  Anger awareness

>  Emotional regulation

>  Effective communication

>  Conflict management

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Are you ready to change the way anger’s affecting your life?

We’ve been helping people deal with their anger for years.

Anger doesn’t have to control your life and we’d love to show you how!

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Anger Management Therapy In Denver

When Is Anger A Problem?

An anger management counselor will help you understand how anger is affecting your life in a negative way.

Many people get anger counseling because anger has caused a problem but they don’t know why. Here’s some common signs that you might need help with your anger.

  • You get angry on a regular basis
  • Other people have said your anger is a problem
  • You explode when you get angry
  • Anger has caused a problem in a relationship
  • You can get aggressive when angry
  • Anger feels like it goes from 0 to 100
  • Experiencing road rage while driving
  • Anger has affected your job or career
  • Anger has caused a problem with your family

If you could use some help controlling your anger, our anger management counseling in Denver might be just what you need.

Anger Therapy in Denver

Check Out These Videos To Learn More About Anger Management

Anger Management Program in Denver

How Anger Management Therapy Works

Our Denver anger management counselors use the ASCEND method of anger management designed by Dr. Michael Ballard. This anger management program was researched and developed based on neuroscience to help you deal with your anger in a positive way.

There’s no one size fits all with counseling. We can tailor anger management counseling based on your particular needs and goals. You can join a Denver anger management class, or work with a counselor individually.

You’ll learn the skills to express your anger in a healthy way. If you would like to “dig a little deeper” we can help you discover what’s causing your anger and work on healing the root cause.

This method has helped many people in Denver experience less anger and start feeling like anger is an emotion you can control. Check out the links below to learn more.

Address the core problem of your anger.

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Anger Management Class In Denver

Group Counseling For Anger

Our Denver anger managment class is a great way to improve your anger. The group is led by an experienced anger management counselor and gives you the added support that comes from group therapy.


The anger management group is 12 weeks long and teaches you how to control your anger before it becomes a problem.


Group counseling is a great option if you’re wanting to better understand your anger and learn the practical skills to control your behaviors.

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Anger Management Counseling

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is anger management?

Our anger management program takes 12 weeks to complete. This 12 week process will teach you anger awareness, how to slow down your anger, and effective ways to express this emotion. It has helped hundreds of people across Denver change the way anger affects their life.

What's the difference between anger management classes and individual anger counseling?

Each approach to anger counseling has it’s benefits. Anger classes offer additional support from people experiencing similar problems. Individual anger counseling offers more flexibility and the time to address specific anger problems you’re having.

Is anger bad for your health?

It may seem obvious, but prolonged anger can have a negative affect on your health. Studies have found that people with higher anger have more health problems such as higher blood pressure, higher rate of heart disease, fatigue, and higher cholesterol.

How do I fix anger in a relationship?

Relationship problems are one of the most common issues with anger. You’ll learn more effective ways to manage conflict in your relationship and skills such as how to take a timeout when you’re angry.

What Do you learn in anger management?

Anger management counseling will help you understand how your anger works. You’ll learn to recognize the warning signs of anger and the practical ways to change your behaviors. 


Are anger management classes just for men?

No, all of our anger management programs including anger management groups have men and women. Anger doesn’t just affect men. Sometimes our culture teaches us that anger is a problem that only men struggle with. We intentionally have men and women in our groups.

Who's In The anger management Class?

A common misconception is that the anger management class will be full of people forced into counseling. Anger affects everyone and our group is full of people like you who want to improve the way anger is affecting their families, relationships, and daily lives.

How can I tell if I need anger management?

Everyone expereinces anger, so anyone could benefit from understanding anger more effectively. Counseling is beneficial if you’re experiencing anger more often than you would like, your anger is very intense or destructive, or you can’t seem to control this emotion when it happens.

Anger Management Denver

How much does anger management cost?

We understand that cost is a consideration for therapy. There are benefits to each type of therapy depending on what you want to accomplish with counseling. Contact us to learn more.

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