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We help people find freedom from anxiety, panic, and worry with anxiety therapy in Denver, Colorado

Imagine living your life without the crippling effects of anxiety or panic attacks.

If you’re looking for a way to feel confident in yourself, connected to people, and not live in fear, we are here to help!


We provide anxiety therapy in Denver, Colorado to help you overcome the difficult feelings and thoughts that are holding you back from enjoying the life you want.


 Get the best anxiety therapy Denver has to offer so you can live with confidence and joy!

Anxiety Therapist Denver

Learn how to calm the feelings that make you feel overwhelmed.

Anxiety therapy will help you take control of the feelings that seem overwhelming. 


Develop skills to regulate the thoughts that feel out of control.

We will help you find the therapist that fits you best by connecting you with an anxiety counselor who understands your unique goals, needs, and personality.


Discover how to connect with people and enjoy your relationships more.

There’s no one size fits all for anxiety counseling. We have a team of therapists with lots of unique training and experience to help you work on your anxiety.

Anxiety Therapy in Denver, Colorado

Anxiety can take over your whole life. That’s why we treat anxiety problems using an integrative approach. This means we will help you learn the practical strategies to deal with anxiety as well as work on the root cause of your anxious feelings.

Each of our anxiety therapists have unique training and approaches to help you learn how to overcome difficult anxiety. We believe that no single approach to therapy is best for everyone. Our goal is to help you find the therapist that will best fit your needs and help you find the most success in counseling.


 Meet our anxiety therapists in Denver, Colorado

Kate Robbins, MA, LPCC, NCC

Anxiety Therapist

Anxiety Therapist Denver

I would love to help you work on your anxiety, which I believe often comes from feeling disconnected from others. I integrate a few different approaches to support you as you sort out what’s working and not working in your daily life.

Together we will explore your thought patterns, self-exploration, and how to be more present in your relationships to help you find relief from the feelings of anxiety and depression.

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Grant Kobayashi-Hinds, MA, LPCC

Anxiety Therapist

Anxiety Counselor Denver

My goal is to hear your story, learn how anxiety is playing a part of that story and help you discover how to live with more purpose.

I work with individuals and couples with issues related to trauma, PTSD, anxiety, and anger. I find that often times we have to work on some of these other parts of life while we work to reduce your anxious thoughts and feelings.

I would love to connect with you and learn how I can help.

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Kate Alexander, MA, LMFT

Anxiety Therapist

Denver Anxiety Therapist

I am passionate about helping you, your child, or your family explore how anxiety is impacting your life. My therapy style is both compassionate and direct when necessary. 

I have many years of experience working with kids, adolescents, youngs adults, and many family systems and I enjoy working with both indivduals and families.

I would love to connect with you.

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Common Signs of Anxiety


Excessive worrying (general anxiety)


Obsessive thoughts


Phobia (specific fears)


Difficulty calming your body


Discomfort in social settings (social anxiety)


Panic or panic attacks

What Can You Expect From  Anxiety Therapy?

We take a holistic approach to treating your anxiety. This means working on your body, mind, and external things like feeling more connected in your relationships. 

Anxiety is a feeling you experience in your body. That’s why it’s important to learn some skills to regulate the feelings that anxiety creates, and working on reducing those feelings.

Your thoughts also play an important role in anxiety. You will also work on recognizing thoughts patterns and changing those habits to reduce your anxiety.

If you’re experiencing specific types of anxiety disorders such as a phobia we offer specialized therapy such as EMDR for anxiety.


Anxiety Therapy in Denver, Colorado

Counseling Options
Anxiety Counseling Denver

Individual Anxiety Counseling

Working with an individual counselor gives you the time and attention you need and allows you to practice new skills together.

EMDR Therapy for anxiety

EMDR Therapy for Anxiety

EMDR is specialized form of therapy that has proven to be very effective in treating anxiety. EMDR will help you address the root problems of your anxiety.

Have Questions About Anxiety Counseling?

How does anxiety therapy work?

Anxiety therapy is a process where your therapist will help you understand your anxiety, and then develop skills to reduce your anxious thoughts and feelings.

How do I heal from anxiety problems ?

Overcoming anxiety requires changing how you’re thinking, and learning how to reduce the feelings of anxiety you experience in your body. To overcome anxiety issues you need to address both parts of the problem.

How many sessions are there for anxiety counseling?

Generally we recommend weekly appointments for the first 4 sessions. From there you and your counselor will discuss if meeting weekly or on a different frequency will be the most helpful. The average time most people spend in counseling is about 3-6 months.

What is an anxiety disorder?

Anxiety is a normal feeling that everyone experiences. When this feeling becomes intrusive or disruptive it can become a disordered feeling. Common disorders can include panic attacks, social anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, or a generalized anxiety disorder.

Where is your office located?

Our office is centrally located in the Cherry Creek area of Denver. Our building is easy to find and offers free parking.

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