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We help people build thriving relationships with couples counseling in Denver, Colorado

Are you looking for a way to repair your relationship and help it to thrive?

If you need help building a stronger connection with your partner, working through conflict, or deepening your intimacy we would love to help.

We provide couples counseling in Denver, Colorado that will help you figure out what’s going wrong in your relationship and how to have a relationship that’s growing and thriving.



 Get the best couples counseling Denver has to offer so you can have a great relationship.

Couples Therapy Denver

Discover how to build connection and intimacy in your marriage

Couples counseling can help you discover how to feel more connected with your partner or rebuild trust that’s been lost.


Learn how to communicate more effectively to get your needs met in your relationship

You both have needs that might not feel like they’re being met anymore. Couples therapy can help you and your partner learn how to effectively communicate to get your needs met.


Explore how to resolve conflict more productively with your partner

One of our couples therapists will teach you how to work through conflict without hurting one another and strengthen your bond together.

Couples Counseling in Denver, Colorado

It’s painful when you feel lonely and disconnected from your partner. A vibrant relationship can bring so much joy and energy into your life and we would love to help you find that in your own relationship!

Our couples therapists in Denver will help you develop a healthy relationship by working on the important parts of your relationship like communication, sex, conflict, parenting, and more. 

Through resesarch and experience we’ve learned that the important topics couples need to strengthen for a healthy relationship include:

  • Improving communication
  • Deepening intimacy and connection
  • Resolving resentment and past hurts
  • Learning how to resolve conflict
  • Building a friendship with your partner
  • Developing trust and commitment

Struggling relationships can be repaired and we would love to show you how. You can begin this journey by connecting with one of our couples counselors in Denver. When you’re ready to begin just fill out our contact form or give us a call!

Meet Our Couples Therapists in Denver, Colorado

Shelby Jacobs, MA, LPC

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist Denver

Shelby specializes in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. She’ll help you understand how your emotions and attachment style are an essential part of a thriving relationship so you and your parner will feel more connected.

Lindsey Parks, LCSW

Couples Counselor in Denver

Lindsey specializes in couples counseling using the Gottman method. She would love to help you learn strategies to increase respect, resolve conflict, and deepen trust in your relationship.

The Gottman Method Couples Counseling

If you want strategies that you can begin using in your relationship, the Gottman method for couples counseling is what you need. Drs. John and Julie Gottman developed this method after four decades of research and experience counseling couples.

The Gottman Method relies on this research to systematically assess different areas of your relationship, determine what areas need to be strengthened, and help you have the relationship you’ve always dreamed of having. 

We provide the Gottman Method couples counseling in Denver to help you learn tools you can start using immediately to improve your ability to manage conflict, feel connected and known by your partner, and increase satisfaction in your relationship.  

Goals of The Gottman Method for Couples Counseling Include:


Build a stronger connection by increasing friendship, respect, and intimacy with your partner


Replace negative conflict patterns with positive conflict skills


Increase feelings of trust and commitment and repair past hurts

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

Do you want to deepen your connection and understand how you bond with your partner? Emotionally focused couples counseling will help you deepen your connection by understanding how your emotions drive you to act in your relationship, and practicing new ways of interacting with your partner.

As one of the leading approaches to couples therapy world wide it’s designed to help you explore key aspects of your relationship including emotional intimacy and your attachment style. 

Our emotionally focused couples therapist in Denver will help you develop a stronger relationship by learning how to connect with your partner in a whole new way.


Goals of Emotionally Focused Couples Counseling Include:


Improve your emotional communication with your partner.


Increase your bond with your partner by understanding how your attachment style affects your relationship.


Create more connection and intimacy in your relationship.

Couples Therapy in Denver, Colorado

Counseling Options
Couples Counseling Denver

Couples Counseling

Working with a couples counselor gives you and your partner the attention that your relationship needs, and allows you to practice the skills together.

Relationship Counseling Denver

Individual Relationship Counseling

Relationships come in all types. A relationship counselor can meet with you individually to learn how to improve your relationship skills.

Relationship Workshop

Relationship Workshops

Many of our couples therapists offer virtual workshops and online courses for both couples and individuals. Contact us to learn more. 

Relationships Come In Many Different Forms. We Offer Support For All Types of Couples and Families


Marriage and Family Therapy


Same Gender Couples


Polyamorous Relationships


Interracial Relationships


Age Separation Relationships


Unmarried Couples

What To Expect From Couples Therapy

1) The first step of couples therapy is creating awareness of the issues affecting your relationship. This includes things like communication, trust issues, or resentment.

2) The second part of couples counseling is developing the skills to improve the problems you, your partner, and your therapist identify. Therapy requires practice to help you establish new ways of relating with your partner.

3) The third step of relationship counseling focuses on helping you build connection and intimacy with your partner.


Have Questions About Couples Counseling?

How does couples counseling work?

Couples counseling is a guided process with a professional therapist to help you identify challenges in your relationship so you can work together with your partner and practice skills to help your relationship grow. 

What will we work on in couples therapy?

Common relationship problems include conflict, anger, resentment, communication, improving intimacy, trust issues, infidelity, and more. Couples therapy is designed to help you understand why you’re feeling disconnected and empower you to express yourself in a healthy way.

Do you work with unmarried couples?

You don’t have to be married to go to couples counseling. In fact we encourage couples to work on their relationships skills before they make the decision to pursue a marriage.

How do I know if I need relationship or marriage counseling?

If you’re struggling with intimacy, sex, feeling connected to your partner, constantly fighting, or dealing with resentment a marriage counselor can help. You will learn what’s causing problems in your relationship and explore ways to renew your connection.

Can I do individual counseling to improve my relationship?

Yes. You can work with a relationship counselor individually to explore personal issues affecting your relationship and address deeper healing that you might need for yourself.

What’s if my partner is worried about counseling?

It’s very normal to have some fears about couples therapy. Sometimes one partner is worried that counseling will be about pointing out their flaws. Couples therapy is not a one way conversation. It’s about focusing on the relationship and learning ways to improve your connection together.

What’s the best type of relationship counseling?

Our couples therapists offer a unique variety of approaches including couples counseling using the Gottman method, emotionally focused therapy, and a holistic approach that blends the strengths of different types of counseling. Contact us to learn which would be most helpful for you.

Where is your office located?

Our office is centrally located in the Cherry Creek and Glendale area of Denver. Our building is easy to find and offers free parking.

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