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Welcoming Our New Therapist Allison C. Gary

By Ipseity Counseling Clinic, Therapists in Denver, Colorado



Welcoming The Newest Member To Our Team!

 We are excited to announce that Ipseity Counseling in Denver is adding a talented new therapist to our team!

Allison Gary is a graduate of Regis University and has a passion for working with issues related to grief as well as Dementia and Alzheimers care and providing support to caregivers. She also brings skills in working with children and adolescents.

We would love to introduce her and let her share a little bit about her passion as a therapist.

Allison C. Gary, MA, NCC, LPCC

Having my own lengthy, complicated grief story is part of how I found myself in the field of counseling.  From experiencing death, losses of close family and friends, to trying to navigate through difficult times of transition, I am a firm believer that a little help goes a long way when coping with life’s challenges.  

My goal as a counselor is to provide high quality, ethical care to help individuals find healing, growth and connection through a therapeutic process in a safe space.

Allison’s Training and Background

I graduated from Regis University’s CACREP accredited program with my Masters in Mental Health Counseling and two post-graduate certificates, one for Depth Psychotherapy and one for Child & Adolescent Counseling.  

I work with individuals of all ages, starting with younger children all the way up to older adulthood. I have worked with diverse, multicultural populations, and honor each client as a unique individual and value the experiences they bring to the room.  

I specialize in grief counseling and have found grief to be an element in a lot of counseling work.  I also have a unique background in dementia and Alzheimer’s care both personally and professionally and have provided a lot of assistance to individuals who act or acted as caregivers to a family member or friend with a dementia related diagnosis.  

I provide support to individuals who are experiencing challenges with death, loss, life transitions, anxiety, depression, low esteem, anger, caregiver burnout, and working with healing past relationships that prevent growth or make people feel “stuck”.

I individualize treatment in a collaborative way with the individuals I see to help meet them where they’re at, as well as diversifying the work by including experiential methods, techniques and activities to help deepen the counseling experience. 

To me, one of the most important elements in counseling is the psychotherapeutic relationship – establishing trust and positive rapport while moving through emotional experiences and helping individuals find wellness and achieve their clinical goals.

 Outside of the office, I live what I advise by engaging in self-care to include creativity and painting, time with my husband and our pets, Dexter and Oscar, and dancing to good music.  I am a Colorado native and love spending time in the mountains.


    Want To Connect With Allison?

    Would you like to talk with Allison to learn more about her work as a therapist? Give us a call at (720) 507-8170 or you can contact her through our online contact form.

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