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Denver Anger Management for Teens

Adolescent Anger MAnagement

Is your teenager struggling with anger? Our Denver anger management counseling for teens can help.

Anger Treatment for adolescents

Don’t Let Anger Control Your Teens Life!

Is your teenage son or daughter struggling with out of control anger?

Problems at school, getting into fights, or conflict at home are common signs of anger problems.

We specialize in treating anger problems for teens in Denver, Colorado.

Controlling Your Behavior

Everyone feels anger. It’s how your child expresses this emotion that can cause problems. Your son or daughter will learn practical skills to improve their behavior when they’re angry.

The Root Problem of Anger

Anger is often misdirected. Your teenager will learn what causes their anger and how to deal with the real issue.

Family Support for anger

Parents are a teenagers biggest support. Incorporating family support into counseling will help achieve long term success. You will also discover how to model healthy anger for your son or daughter.

Anger Management for Adolescents

Anger Treatment Options

Individual anger Counseling

Individual anger counseling offers the time and personal attention your teenager needs.

Anger Management Class

An anger management group provides additional support from peers and focuses on practical skills.

EMDR Therapy For Anger

EMDR therapy is a specialized treatment to effectively help your son or daughter deal with their anger triggers.

Anger Treatment for teens in Denver

Does my son or daughter need anger counseling?

You might be wondering if your child needs anger anger management counseling.

It can be difficult to acknowledge that anger is becoming a problem. Here’s some common signs that your child might need help with anger.

  • Getting into trouble at school regularly
  • Fighting with peers or adults
  • Constantly irritable or moody
  • Becoming aggressive or violent
  • Destructive behavior or breaking things
  • Difficulty controlling their behavior when they’re upset
  • Self harm when angry or upset
If you’re struggling with how to deal with an angry teenager, our Denver anger management counseling might be just what you need.

Teenage Anger Management

Our Approach To Healing Anger Problems

Our 12 week anger managment program is designed to address all of the problems surrounding anger. Your child will learn to understand what’s making them angry, the skills to control their behavior, and how to deal with the cause of their anger.

We have helped many adolescents in Denver experiencing anger problems discover how to find productive solutions to their problems. Check out the links below to learn more.

Address the core problem of your anger.

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Denver Anger Management Class for teens

Group Counseling For Anger

Our Denver anger managment class is a great way to improve anger. The group is led by an experienced anger management counselor and gives your teenager added support from their peers.

The anger management group is 12 weeks long and teaches adolescents how to control their anger before it becomes a problem.

Group counseling is a great option to better understand anger and learn the practical skills to control behaviors.

Anger Management Denver

How much does anger management cost?

We understand that cost is a consideration for therapy. There are benefits to each type of therapy depending on what you want to accomplish with counseling. Contact us to learn more.

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