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Anger Management Class


Anger Management Class In Denver

Denver Anger Management Counseling


Our Denver anger management class is an effective way to transform your anger. A group offers you additional support in the process of healing from your anger.


Has your anger had a negative impact on your life? Anger management counseling can help you change the way anger is affecting your life.


The best thing about group counseling is having other people who understand what you’re going through. It’s nice to know you’re not the only person struggling with anger.


Anger Management Class Denver

Denver Anger Management Group Details


How long is anger management class?

Our anger management class is 12 weeks long. It will help you understand your anger and change how it impacts your life. The group meets once a week for 90 minutes. 


How much does it cost?

Your initial consultation is free! Once you complete your consultation the classes cost $45 per group. You can pay for your classes as you go.


How many people are in a group?

Class size is typically 5-10 people. We keep the group small so that you get to know everyone and build trust with your group members.


How do I join a group?

The first step is to schedule your initial consultation with a counselor. Once you’ve completed your consultation you can join the group as soon as a spot is available.


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Anger Doesn’t Have To Control Your Life

Anger Management Counseling


Anger management classes will help you understand your anger. You can take control of the emotion of anger when you understand how it works. You will begin to understand your anger triggers and how to master your own thoughts and feelings.


Group therapy will also teach you the skills you need to transform your behavior. You will learn practical skills such as how to handle conflict in a relationship, and how to use assertive communication.

Take Control Of Your Anger

Anger doesn’t have to control your life! Get the help that you need.

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