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Bekka Weeks, MA, LPCC

Associate Therapist in Lakewood, Colorado


Therapist Bekka Weeks

Bekka’s Counseling Specialties

  • Life Transitions
  • Anger Management
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Body Image Issues
  • Spirituality and Faith Issues
  • Relationship Issues

Client Focus

  • Adolescents
  • College Age
  • Adults (18+)

Counseling Options

  • In person counseling available in Lakewood, Colorado
  • Virtual therapy available

Why I Practice Therapy

People’s stories have always been significant to me. Through my life I have loved learning what it is to trace the threads through people’s lives to help make meaning, or to simply listen to those pieces woven together to better understand why someone is where they are at. Through that love, and through the healing and empowerment I found through seeking my own therapy, I pursued studying counseling. I am honored to be in a field where I can be a part of understanding people’s stories while also walking with them to a healthier place.

My Background

Madeleine L’Engle writes, “Our story is never written in isolation. We do not act in a one-man play. We can do nothing that does not affect other people, no matter how loudly we say, ‘It’s my own business.’” The fact is, we live in community. We impact others and others impact us, both positively and negatively. Our life stories are formed through our interactions with others and how those interactions are perceived. My approach to therapy is believing that change is possible and that, together, we can sift through those interactions, both past and present, to better understand your own story with the hope of moving forward—one step at a time.

My Approach To Therapy

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate (LPCC) and received my master’s degree from Denver Seminary. I grew up in California before moving to Colorado as an adult. In my undergrad, I studied fine arts, focusing on painting and photography. As I look back on both studies, I see a connection between art and counseling as both rely on seeing, understanding and the importance of story. In my clinical practice, these three themes are foundational to my work.

I have worked both in professional and volunteer settings with individuals ranging in age from children to those in late adulthood. Clinically, I have worked with a variety of different issues and feel passionate about meeting clients where they are and walking with them through life’s transitions. I believe that we are people woven together with many pieces and influences. Whether you have been shaped by society, your culture, messages from family or friends, external or internal stressors, I hope to work alongside you in your journey towards healing.

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