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Welcoming Ryan Ramsey To Our Team Of Therapists in Denver, Colorado

By Ipseity Counseling Clinic, Therapists in Denver, Colorado



Ryan’s Work As A Therapist in Denver

We are excited to share that Ryan Ramsey, MA, LPCC is joining our team of counselors at Ipseity Counseling in Denver, Colorado.

Ryan brings many years of experience working in the corporate world before beginning his career as a therapist. He enjoys helping people with a variety of challenges including depression, anxiety, anger and men’s issues and will be serving people in the Highlands area of Denver. 

We would love to let Ryan introduce himself and share how he is helping to serve people in the Denver community.

I believe that the realization that we are worthy of acceptance is a powerful idea and a catalyst for growth and healing…

Ryan Ramsey, MA, LPCC

I believe first and foremost in creating an environment of acceptance in therapy. I will see you and accept you for who you are. I believe that the realization that you are worthy of acceptance is a powerful idea and a catalyst for growth and healing.

At the same time, I am authentic and work with my clients to challenge old patterns that may be holding them back, bring insight and awareness to blind spots, and to question old ideas or beliefs that no longer serve them.

am a naturally empathic person and was drawn to this profession by a deep desire to help people heal and grow. I feel that counseling is my calling and I am passionate about helping people reach their fullest potential to live happier lives. 

After a long business career, I made some big life changes and embarked on the path to become a counselor. I graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and I also have a BA in Psychology from the Metropolitan State University of Denver where I graduated with honors. I work with adults over 18 years of age and welcome people of all backgrounds, identities, and cultures. I speak both English and French.

I approach my work in therapy from mainly a person-centered approach but also incorporate aspects of therapies such as Gestalt, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Psychodynamic therapy. I believe in being authentic in session and I strive to create an environment where you feel welcome to come as you are.


Ryan Ramsey, MA, LPCC

Ryan Ramsey, MA, LPCC

Denver Therapist

Would you like to connect with Ryan to learn more about his work as a counselor in Denver, Colorado? You can call (720) 507-8170 or contact with him online by clicking the button below.


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